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Almost Famous Strawberry Lemonade

My family went to a local U-Pick strawberry farm last weekend and I have been churning out strawberry recipes for days. So for June I will write about all things strawberry! I’ll start with this spot-on copycat recipe for Red Robin Restaurant’s Freckled Lemonade.

You can find this recipe in the May 2012 issue of Food Network Magazine or at the Food Network website. According to Food Network Magazine, Red Robin serves up 420,000 gallons of this drink each year. It’s very lemony, super sweet, and topped with strawberries. My family loves it!

First you make two syrups: lemon and strawberry. You make the lemonade by combining lemon juice with the lemon syrup, salt, and cold water. I recommend doubling the amount of water used. It will still be very sweet. To make individual drinks you put a tablespoon of the strawberry syrup in a glass. Fill the glass with ice, top with the lemonade, and a spoonful of strawberries.

Here we are with twelve pounds of red, ripe strawberries! Only two cups went into this lemonade recipe. Soon I will post about our other creations including cake, pie, jam, and ice cream!

Do you have a favorite recipe for strawberries? Let me know!